Who is fighting No Kill in Delaware?

No Kill Delaware’s  complaint to new state Animal Welfare Office about CAPA violations by First State Animal Center, the one kill facility in Delaware, submitted Aug.28, 2014.  OAW findings to be posted online.


No Kill advocates in Delaware are proud that we have three No Kill animal shelters in our state: Delaware SPCA, Faithful Friends, and Delaware Humane Association.

Delaware’s Shelter Standards law became effective in  January 1, 2011.  Our law is a companion animal protection act (CAPA)  that is the most progressive in the nation.

“Delaware, the first state to ratify our nation’s constitution, continues to lead the way in embracing the legislative framework necessary to ensure justice. And we will build upon this framework in the coming years to strengthen protections for animals even more.”

Nathan Winograd, key leader of the No-Kill Movement called Delaware’s new law “the most sweeping, progressive companion animal protection legislation in the United States.” www.nathanwinograd.com

Delaware Animal Shelters
The three No Kill shelters for cats and dogs in Delaware are:

  • Delaware SPCA in Stanton and Georgetown. Executive Director: Albert Mollica  www.delspca.org
  • Faithful Friends, Inc No Kill Animal Shelter in Wilmington. Executive Director: Jane Pierantozzi   www.faithfulfriends.us
  • Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington.  Executive Director: Patrick Carroll   www.dehumane.org

There is one facility in Delaware that routinely resorts to convenience killing of dogs and cats:  First State Animal Center and SPCA (previously called Kent County SPCA) in Camden. Executive Director: Kevin Usilton    http://fsac-spca.org/

MN graphic

First State Animal Center and SPCA (FSAC) has resisted compliance with Delaware’s Shelter Standards law, which is based on the model Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) developed by the No Kill advocacy Center.  (See list of blogs about FSAC  on this web site)

Despite that resistance by FSAC, it is estimated that 15,000 animals have lived because of the law, as shown in the graphic at left.  (This graphic was developed based on statistics from the FSAC web page by the Minnesota advocates working to pass CAPA in their own state. )

The false claims about CAPA by FSAC and its supporters are analyzed in the March 2014 blog “CAPA: Who Could Be Against It?” Nathan J. Winograd.

No Kill advocates in Delaware will continue to push for FSAC compliance with CAPA so that more animals’ lives will be saved.  Since 2011, CAPA has not been enforced at FSAC by the state.    In August 2012, the legislature formed a Task Force to study animal welfare issues and as a result, the state established a new Animal Welfare Office.   We have great hopes that there will be better state enforcement of CAPA and of our existing cruelty laws, as well as new laws that help animals.We are optimistic that the state will finally be providing oversight of FSAC because of the new Animal Welfare Office.

The fourth No Kill shelter, Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, closed on November 14, 2013, and the remaining 19 dogs were killed on November 13 in violation of CAPA (see “19 Dogs Killed by ASPCA and Safe Haven“).     There are many reasons for the failure of Safe Haven about 20 months after the new building opened, but mismanagement was the major problem, in my view.  ( “Safe Haven’s Failure Does Not “Prove” Anything About No Kill or CAPA.”)  Because of the management problems, Safe Haven never successfully implemented any of the programs in the No Kill Equation (see graphic below).

About No Kill Delaware
This is a blog, not an organization of any kind.  There are no members and no meetings. A loose network of No Kill advocates across the state provide information to this blog.   Many of these people are employees and volunteers of Delaware shelters and rescue groups.   There is a No Kill Delaware Facebook page, which has been “liked” by more than 2,700 people, so there is an online community of No Kill advocates interested in what is happening in Delaware.

no kill equationThe No Kill Declaration
To understand the principles of the No Kill Movement, please take a few moments to read the  Declaration of the No Kill Movement in the United States.

Here is the Statement of Rights in the Declaration:

  • Sheltered animals have a right to live;
  • Feral cats have a right to their lives and their habitats;
  • Animals, rescuers, and the public have a right to expect animal protection organizations and animal shelters to do everything in their power to promote, protect, and advocate for the lives of animals;
  • Animal protection groups, rescue groups, and No Kill shelters have a right to take into their custody animals who would otherwise be killed by animal shelters;
  • Taxpayers and community members have a right to have their government spend tax monies on programs and services whose purpose is to save and enhance the lives of all animals;
  • Taxpayers and community members have a right to full and complete disclosure about how animal shelters operate.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Weigh in on how you feel about DE’s only high-kill shelter holding the dog control contract for ALL 3 counties! New Castle County Public Safety meeting Tue., Nov. 12 at the City-County Building in Wilmington. Agenda has just been posted, and the dog control contract for 2014 is on it! Decision time for that is soon, so we need to make some noise NOW. Agenda and meeting info here: http://www2.nccde.org/council/Documents/MeetingAgendaDocuments/Public%20Safety%20Agenda%2011-12-13.pdf

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