ASPCA, Stay off No Kill Delaware’s Facebook Page!

Oreo, killed by the ASPCA, although Pets Alive tried to rescue her

I am outraged that ASPCA was able to post the ad below on No Kill Delaware’s FB page.   ASPCA is the organization that killed Oreo when she could have been saved.

Oreo survived being thrown off a 6 story building in Brooklyn and recovered from two shattered legs and internal bleeding. But 15 months later, the ASPCA decided she was “aggressive.”  The ASPCA killed Oreo despite the fact that Pets Alive, a NY sanctuary, wanted to rescue her. And that’s not the end of this sickening story.


No Kill advocates tried to “pass “Oreo’s Law” in New York so rescue groups would no longer be prevented from pulling animals on death row at kill facilities . The ASPCA – and other national “humane” groups – worked hard to kill the bill.

“The number of animals killed who could and would have been saved since Ed Sayres and the ASPCA first defeated Oreo’s Law has hit 50,000.” Nathan Winograd, June 2012

No Kill advocates still mourn Oreo. And we mourn every other cat and dog who has been killed in America because rescue groups were not allowed to save them.

In Delaware, our CAPA mandates that a notice be sent to the Rescue Group Registry before a shelter can kill a dog or cat. In the first half of 2012, 50 rescue groups pulled dogs and cats from the Kent County SPCA, the one kill facility left in our state. (Delaware’s Honor Roll of Rescue Groups) The other four Delaware shelters are No Kill.

I will never forget being at the No Kill Conference in 2010 when Nathan Winograd announced to everyone that Delaware had passed our CAPA. Sitting behind me were folks from Pets Alive, who had tried to save Oreo from being killed by ASPCA.

That is why I am outraged to see the ASPCA ad on No Kill Delaware’s FB page.

The ASPCA and the other “humane” groups are still out there working against the passage of CAPAs in other state legislatures.

Please do not give any money to the ASPCA or any national “humane” group. Give to your local No Kill shelter and to rescue groups. And give to our national group – the No Kill Advocacy Center, which has the motto “A No Kill nation is within our reach.” 


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