KCSPCA Director Kevin Usilton Gloats over Shooting of Paco

Rest in peace, Paco.

Paco was shot yesterday in a tragic incident. Kevin Usilton, Director of KCSPCA, sent No Kill Delaware the link to the news story  There are serious factual inaccuracies in the news story, as indicated in the statement below from Faithful Friends. At the top of his email to NKD, Usilton wrote a note: “here is a sad ending of two years of inprisonment.” That is such a horrible thing to say. Paco was cared for with love at Faithful Friends.  It is awful that he was shot and killed.

Here is the statement from Faithful Friends:

“Following investigation, Faithful Friends has concluded that one of our employees violated established policy when he let a dog, Paco, off of his leash. This policy applies to all animals in Faithful Friends’ care, regardless of breed. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending final resolution of this matter.

Because of the gravity of the allegations being made by the other individuals involved, we believe that it is important to clarify the events on October 1, 2012. Contrary to what has been alleged, our employee was present and actively involved in attempting to control Paco. Our employee was in the process of disengaging the two dogs when Paco was shot. The dog that Paco bit was released from medical care the same day he was admitted.

Faithful Friends takes its obligation to homeless animals and the surrounding community very seriously. We regret the outcome in this case, but do not believe that it should be used as an indictment of any breed of dog, or the dedicated work that Faithful Friends and its staff perform day in and day out.”

Rest in peace, Paco. Our deepest sympathy to Faithful Friends staff and volunteers who loved Paco and knew him as a happy dog whom everyone will greatly miss. A memorial is planned for Paco by Faithful Friends.

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3 Responses to KCSPCA Director Kevin Usilton Gloats over Shooting of Paco

  1. Swope says:

    Who carries a gun when taking their dog for a walk in the park???

  2. Shannon says:

    I hope the Employee is FIRED for what he did! There is a STRICT leash law in New Castle County, and even more-so in the City Of Wilmington. What happened here was a horrible and completely AVOIDABLE thing that did absolutely nothing but damage the Pit Bull Terrier’s already tarnished name. Shame on the employee for thinking he was above the rules. Have fun in front of the Judge during arraignment and trial, as I am sure he won’t cop up to what he did. Enjoy your massive fine and the criminal record you will have, simply because you didn’t want to follow the rules. I hope you feel like garbage.

    • nokilldelaware says:

      He made a terrible mistake. He was trying to break up the fight. Who hasn’t made a mistake in their lives?

      It was the owner of the other dog who killed Paco. It is horrifying to think of that man shooting a gun in a public park. Wasn’t he afraid of killing his own dog? And what if his bullet had hurt a bystander?

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